Less | My January Action Step

Before starting my rants, I want to say that this post has been inspired by my friend Kayly’s new series about her word for 2016, which is focus.

You’d probably know that my word is less and that I’m taking Ali Edwards’ class. I was trying to reflect on it, the other day, rereading my answers to Ali’s January prompts and I couldn’t understand what was that big thing that constantly bothered me. You know, when you don’t feel yourself comfortable but you don’t know why.

Then I realized that it was just my burnout status concerning Twitter. I already talked about that a couple of weeks ago, I also wrote that I wanted to fall in love with the platform again, but I can’t at the moment, I simply hate to check out my timeline every time I open the app, and that’s not because of the people I follow, I’m very picky at it. It’s just a general burnout. I never thought I’d say that before, but Twitter is not for me right now.

I always thought it was vital for my blog, but Facebook (Groups) still bring me the most traffic and honestly this isn’t a six figure business. I always complained because tons of my favorite bloggers, those I followed for years and I ALWAYS read what they wrote, used only Instagram on a daily basis and their Twitter profiles just hosted the links to their photos in the other platform. Such a waste, I thought. But now I totally get it.

I started blogging before social media existed, why should I keep feeling myself guilty for not tweeting? I don’t feel the need to share personal stuff anymore, so why should I force myself to do that?

I’m not quitting Twitter, friends. I read your responses to my reader survey and I know that the 70% of you prefer following me there. I’m just fully embracing my journey with my One Little Word and its actual meaning: less. Less bad thoughts and guilty feelings, less Twitter, for now. I’m going to set up a reminder on my phone to check out notifications once a day, I’ll keep sharing my blog posts and occasional interesting articles I’ll find on my way there, I’m not going to disappear. I’m just going to be LESS present.

P.s. You can easily find me 12 hours a day on Instagram! 🙂

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