My Favorite Ways to Relax and Chill

The original prompt of the week was “Favorite Ways to Netlix and Chill”, but I changed it a little bit since Netflix arrived in Italy only few months ago and I (+ all the other people not living in the main city) can’t have it, because the internet connection is too slow.

That said, here is how I like to spend my time, nothing fancy though, remember that I’m an introvert!

1. Playing LOTRO.
This is the first one, because The Lord of the Rings online is now part of my routine. When I don’t have classes, I like to play just after lunch (before start studying), I usually do easy quests and keep the instances for the days when I have more free time, like during the weekend.

2. Planning the week ahead.
I know it might sound crazy, but give me a pen and a planner, and I’m happy! I usually check my Google Calendar, where I write every single appointment as I go, and then I transfer all the stuff in my paper planner (I’m using the Academic Agenda by A Beautiful Mess this year), creating also my daily to-do lists.

3. Listening to podcasts.
I already talked about my top three favorites few months ago, but I’d like to add the Tolkien Professor podcast. I’ve been able to listen to all his lectures about The Hobbit during my commuting to University and I loved them all!

4. Reading books.
This is an obligatory point to share. I mean, who doesn’t read books to relax? I have this weird routine of reading half an hour in the morning before having breakfast. It works, it helps me to stay awake and lets my body to start properly functioning (it requires a bit in the morning, poor thing).

5. Watching TV series.
This is my very favorite thing to do in the evening after dinner. I love that usually the episodes are shorter than movies, so I can watch more series at the same time and I love sharing this passion with my University BFF. We even schedule TV series dates to watch the most exciting episodes together, like the Pretty Little Liars finale.

How do you usually relax and chill yourself? Feel free to share in the comments below!

5 Fandom Friday is a weekly nerdy link up created by TheNerdyGirlie and SuperSpaceChick.

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