5 Ways I’m Going To Take Chances In 2016

Happy Friday, everyone! The week is almost over and I found myself writing this post last minute, because I wasn’t sure how much personal I wanted to go with it. I’m always afraid of being terribly boring with my non useful posts. 🙂

Last week I shared with you how I changed/evolved/grew in 2015, this week I’m going to share how I’ll take chances in 2016. Let’s dive in.

1. If you’ve read my blog during the past few weeks, you’d probably know that I’ve been selected to be part of Becky Higgins’ Creative Team this year. It sounds cool and all, but I was afraid of looking a bit reckless and silly when I sent my scrapbooking samples back in November, because it seems that everybody in the scrapbooking industry are married and 80% of the time have children too. I’m single and I have a cat, why should I create family albums without having…a “proper” family? Well, I want to stop ignoring my inner voice and keep creating layouts with the photos of my boring everyday life this year, no matter the number of family members.

2. 2016 is going to be the year I’ll finally show up more and live more alongside my One Little Word (which is less, FIY). I took Ali’s workshop last year and I documented my journey, yes, but I didn’t actually interact with the community, I didn’t share my victories or my frustrations. It was a solo adventure and, as much as I love my introvert personality, I want to share my experience with someone else this year. My friend Kayly did a great job with her brand new blog series all about her journey with the word of the year, I’d like to do something similar here, but I’m still not sure how.

3. I already said that, but I’m going to read as much as I can this year. I chose to join a couple of challenges and I decluttered my Goodreads profile. I even started joining more conversations in the NovelTea Book Club.

4. This year, I also want to improve my writing skills sharing some book reviews. This is something that scares me like crazy, because I never know what to say! I can’t talk about my opinions without sharing spoilers or telling the whole story…and it happens also when I write/talk in my mother tongue. So, English is not the problem, I am the problem and I really want to fix it.

5. Finally, I want to try something new with Twitter. I experienced some serious burnout recently, because the platform is completely different from the one I used to love, now it’s all about big bold images, videos and links. It’s not Twitter anymore, it’s a hybrid social media that randomly mixes Facebook, Instagram and Google+ all together. Everybody automates everything and we end up seeing the same images we see on Instagram with cut captions and links to the original posts (I was guilty too). Twitter is like that drawer you aren’t sure what to use for and you start throwing everything inside, totally random. I want to fall in love with Twitter again this year, but, again, I’m still not sure how.

Are you going to take chances this year? How? 🙂

5 Fandom Friday is a weekly nerdy link up created by TheNerdyGirlie and SuperSpaceChick.

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