5 Ways I Grew/Changed/Evolved in 2015

This is not a common topic we usually share at Five Fandom Friday, so I wasn’t very sure about what to write in this post, because I couldn’t find the geeky aspect of this. So I decided to talk about myself and my blog, that’s what comes easier to me, apparently.

1. I stopped drinking coffee.
Okay, this is a huge thing, I was drinking 3 little cups of espresso a day. Not the one you’re use to drink, the italian one, super concentrated and very very strong, sugarfree, of course. It was too much, I guess, because after stopping drinking it I started feeling myself less stressed and anxious. It wasn’t a decision, it happened by accident after a bad cold: coffee started tasting like cr@p to me. I still drink my beloved cappuccino for breakfast (which is not a random “coffee” for us italians) and I replaced my caffeine with cups of tea.

2. I graduated.
Nothing fancy, really, it’s just a piece of paper that doesn’t let you find a job here, in fact I started University again. It made me grow up though, I feel myself better now, because I can finally write a résumé!

3. I rediscovered my love for books.
2015 will be remembered as the year I started reading books again, (almost) like I used to do in highschool. It makes me feel happy, because I actually love reading, but I was burned out by all the study for University.

4. I chose a word for the year.
My One Little Word for 2015 was immerse, as you might know, and it helped me to stay focused on my goals through the whole year. I didn’t think that such a little thing could be so powerful and affect my life like that, it really changed my way to see resolutions and goals.

5. I blogged intentionally.
I started my very first blog in 2007, when I was just 16/17 years old, then I changed tons of platforms. Like, a lot. A. Lot. Always writing about myself in a diary format. Then I decided it was about time to finally settle down, find a purpose and start something lasting. So the Burrow opened its doors at the end of Summer 2014, but 2015 is when I actually started seeing my blog growing.

Your turn! Do you feel yourself grew/changed/evolved since last year?

5 Fandom Friday is a weekly nerdy link up created by TheNerdyGirlie and SuperSpaceChick.

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