Being More with Less in 2016

2015 was a year of new things. This blog, my graduation, discovering my passion for social media marketing and, among others, the One Little Word workshop by Ali Edwards’. I followed Kam‘s advice and purchased the class last December and I never regretted it. I’m good at analyzing life, journaling and reflecting, but a 12 months commitment requires some incentives to me, like Ali’s monthly prompts.

My word for 2015 was immerse and I should thank Susannah Conway’s free class, Find Your Word, for coming up with that, since I had no idea of where to start. It helped me a lot through the year: to write my bachelor thesis in January/February, to focus on my graduation speech in March, to learn blogging and biz stuff during Spring, to enjoy my job on the field during Summer, to read tons of books.

But now it’s time to move on. Immerse will remain with me however, especially during those moments when procrastination will tempt me.

I wanted to share a little recap of the year, because I think that Ali’s workshop is one of the best things around. If you’re thinking to join a workshop for 2016, even if it’s only one, I’d totally recommend One Little Word – which is discounted until December 31. (I’m not an affiliate, I just love it so much after my first year doing it!)

My word for 2016 is less.

Ali says: “The process of acquiring a word usually happens in one of two ways (I’ve experienced both): (1) you go looking for it or (2) it finds you.”

That’s exactly what happened to me. While last year I looked for my word, this year it found me during Fall. I was experiencing a little bit of burnout and feeling overwhelmed by a bunch of things. I need less in my life to be more. This means a lot of things, both physical and digital, both tangible and conceptual.

I have to slow down a little bit, to delete some email subscriptions, cut down the number of TV series I’m watching and blogs I’m reading, stop subscribing for newsletters only to receive that awesome free printable. I have to reduce the amount of paper in my life, because my shelf has no rooms left, my desk is a mess and my mind too (thank you, family, for gifting me a tablet for Christmas!). I also have to stop those bad self-talks.

I have to do all these things in order to be more. More happy, efficient, organized, free, open, friendly…a better person who lives on purpose.

I decided to do something new this year: adding four words to support the main one (inspired by Susannah Conway’s free workbook, Unravelling the Year Ahead), that helped me to craft a personal mission statement for the year (thanks to Kara’s post). The words are: move, focus, quality and give. Here is my mission statement: To bring quality into my life, move my body, focus my mind and be more with less.

I’m looking forward to spend the next twelve months with my new word!

Do you have a special word for 2016?

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