Holiday Recommendations

December is finally arrived and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

I’m super happy about today’s prompt of 5 Fandom Friday, because I have some great stuff to share with you to make this month even more amazing! I won’t include the 5 Fandom Friday Photo A Day challenge, because it’s already part of the “holiday pack” 🙂

1. #HPDec
My favorite book club, the NovelTea Book Club, created by Kristin, is hosting again a Harry Potter month! There are no specific rules, you can watch the films, read the books and then talk with fellow potterheads about that! You can find all the info here.

2. The Joys of Christmas photo challenge
This photo challenge was born in italian, but my friend Marta translated it in english and you can find all the prompts (+ inspirations) here!

3. Middle-earth News Advent Calendar
This is something I’m super happy and proud to share. We decided to publish a little article every day until Christmas on Middle-earth News, sharing something nice to make your December even more magical! You can read more about it here and keep an eye over the website and social media to discover the new posts.

4. December Daily
I’m participating again to Ali Edwards’ amazing project! But, again, I’ll create digital layouts and I’ll share my photos on Instagram everyday. I also started writing on my journal one thing happened every day, to remember what my December looked like in 2015, it’s simple and it’s just for me, but it brings me so much joy.

5. #6wkMMM
Finally, another project from Middle-earth News that I’m super happy to be part of: a 6 week movie marathon! We watched The Hobbit trilogy and we started The Lord of the Rings this week. There are giveaways, live tweetings, and more. You can read the introductory post here and this week’s schedule here!

Hope you’ll be able to find something to fit your passions and to spend a great December!

5 Fandom Friday is a weekly nerdy link up created by TheNerdyGirlie and SuperSpaceChick.

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