Fandoms I’m Thankful For

Before discovering the word “fandom”, I called my passions just “obsessions”, because, after all, that’s how people see them. When I was a child and I stumbled upon a new fandom/obsession, I loved spending my time on the bus or even during boring lessons to simply daydreaming about my favorite fictional characters and worlds. One day I was a Hogwarts student, the other one I was a fearless Elf of Middle-earth. Some people might find it stupid, but I’m grateful for them since they helped me to find a safe haven during my dark moments and shaped my own self.

So, here are my top 5 fandoms I’m grateful for.

1. Harry Potter
I wasn’t sure about giving it the first place or not, but it came first. I finished The Philosopher’s Stone just before watching the movie and I was only 11 years old. Harry Potter meant everything to me, it arrived at the right time, while I wasn’t a child anymore but I wasn’t an adult yet. It was a bit hard for me, especially after leaving all my lifetime friends of elementary school and meeting new people, I was the shiest girl alive at that time. I also didn’t like study at all, so I liked to pretend to study for Hogwarts and have Hermione as role model.

2. Middle-earth
I can’t even know how to put “on paper” what Tolkien’s stories and Peter Jackson’s movie meant to me. They came few months after the first Harry Potter movie and that’s when I understood it wasn’t a thing for everyone. JK Rowling’s work was loved by everyone, it was also “easy” to get into it, because it was about some children, after all. The Lord of the Rings is complex, there are tons and tons of characters, places, events. People give up after few chapters and watch the movies just for fun, because they look epic. Tolkien’s work influenced my life even more deeply and it’s the reason of several choices I made through my life. I could talk about it all day!

3. Pirates
I don’t know if this is a fandom or not, but it’s one of the reasons why I’m an archaeology now. Starting from Hook and Cutthroat Island to Pirates of the Caribbeans, plus all the books like Treasure Island and The Black Corsair, this is one of my favorite things to talk about. My Barbies all lived in Tortuga, just for saying… My friend Lily recently told me she didn’t even know I loved pirates so much, that made me realize this is a thing I never shared online, not sure why. Fun facts: I can’t swim and I don’t like Peter Pan’s story.

4. Disney
Disney’s movies have been in my life since I was a toddler, my favorite princess was Pocahontas and I had a crush for Kokum, Mary Poppins made me love London even before I knew where it was, the Lion King made me sing out loud like crazy and I always wanted Cinderella’s dress. I still love Disney movies, The Brave is my favorite among the new ones, and now that I’m older I fangirl over Once Upon A Time. Disney means also Star Wars now, so I have a wide horizon to look at.

5. Super Heroes
I don’t read comics and super heroes is a huge category. When I was a child, I LOVED watching Spiderman cartoons on TV, then I’ve been obsessed by the TV series called Roswell. Okay, okay, they were aliens, but they also had super powers, and they were handsom guys. No surprise I wanted to live in New Mexico when I was 9/10. At these days, I’m really into The Avengers various films (I loved Ant-Man this past Summer!) and I enjoy The Flash (the TV series).

Fictional worlds are amazing, that’s why I’m thankful for being a geek girl! 🙂

5 Fandom Friday is a weekly nerdy link up created by TheNerdyGirlie and SuperSpaceChick.

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