London Snapshots Vol. 2

Hey friends! I’m so happy that you enjoyed my first post about my London trip (and how I organized it with Trello as well!), I received so many kind comments that I was very motivated to continue with this series of snaposhot posts.

Today I’m going to tell you more about my third day in London, Sunday 25th October.

We spent the morning at the British Museum! I’m an archaeologist (it still sounds weird to say that, since I graduated only last March!), so I love spending my time wandering inside museums, my secret dream is to be able to curate an exhibition inside a wonderful place like the British Museum one day.

My bachelor thesis was all about Ancient Near East, so my first stop was the wing with the low reliefs of the palace of Nimrud. Sadly nobody seems caring about this space, but it also means that I’ve been able to sit on a bench and admire that incredible art on my own for the second time in my life.

We totally skipped the Egyptian part, because, not to brag, but we have an amazing Egyptian Museum in Turin (were I’m from), which is second only to Museum of Cairo and houses more than 30,000 artefacts.

But we couldn’t miss the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon!

We explored more rooms and arworks and I spent almost 30 minutes staring at the treasure of the ship burial of Sutton Hoo, because it’s my personal obsession since I studied it few years ago. Unfortunately I didn’t have photos of that.

We enjoyed a tasty lunch inside the museum, that ended with some slices of cakes, because I’m a hobbit.

The same day, I’ve been also lucky enough to visit Shakespeare’s Globe! (Another obsession of mine) And the guide was a lovely and funny woman who remembered me my highschool English teacher, she explained us tons of interesting stuff and we even went inside the theatre! My photos suck, so I won’t post them here, haha.

The weather wasn’t “british” at all, it didn’t seem to be in London with all that sun, heat and absence of clouds! I was disappointed, but it let me to admire the most amazing sunset while I was crossing the Millenium Bridge at the end of another amazing day of my trip. *winks to my fellow Potterheads*

Stay tuned for the third and last post about my London trip, it will be published next week!

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