Tea Talk Tuesday

As silly as it sounds, I decided I needed another name for those popular posts I read around the blogging community called Coffee Talk, since I don’t drink coffee anymore and my body is 80% made of tea at these days. (Pictured above my cup of English Breakfast tea I enjoyed outside the Tower of London)

We’re approaching the holidays season, the moment when you feel the urge to set up some goals for the new year ahead. I do it myself every time and last year I even joined the One Little Word movement with IMMERSE, my BFF for the whole 2015. It really helped me to focus myself in my bachelor thesis back in January/February, my graduation in March, my reading habits in Spring and my blogging skills during the year.

I started following tons of blogs about blogging, run by infopreneurs with my same age, who are living their lives as entrepreneurs in their own cute indipendent houses. It was just a matter of time before I fell into the comparison trap, starting to feel myself a little failure. I am still a full-time student, I have no job, I live with my parents and my blog isn’t professional at all. I started daydreaming about creating classes, ecourses, blogging about “serious” stuff, starting a biz…I even tried to run a newsletter before discovering that putting a generic address is illegal and I could be legally persecuted.

Then one day, when I was driving my car to go to the gym, I realized that I had spent the whole year learning new things from the wrong point of view. I don’t have to be an infopreneur to be a succesful blogger. I don’t have to blog about business to gain an audience and have passionate readers. I can still apply the things I learned and my knowledge, but I can do it into a blog that mirrors my true self.

I can be that geek gal who loves dusting off her Funko POP! Vinyls, reading social media strategy articles, recording her life with Project Life, smelling her illustrated copy of The Hobbit (because it has the most amazing scent) and still enjoys to give advice on Facebook Groups and participate to Twitter chats about blogging & biz. I can be all these things, I just have to give up to that niche thing that influenced my life lately. I’m not a niche person. I have tons of different interests and this is what they call it lifestyle.

I’ll be honest with you, I thought about giving up a bunch of times, because I felt myself all over the place, not able to find out what I really wanted to with my online presence. I still don’t know that, actually. But I know that I must be myself. You’ll probably see some tweaks and changes during the next few months (or maybe years? Who knows…), but I hope the Burrow will remain a place to gather and geek out about our own passions.

Will you follow me, one last time? 😉

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