London Snapshots Vol. 1

As promised, here I am sharing my London snapshots with you!

After two years without any kind of vacation, my mom and I thought it was about time to finally visit one of my favorite places of the world: London. I visited it only once, six years ago, but my mom never did it. Our budget was tight, but we found a good Premiere Inn hotel with a great breakfast+dinner deal (highly recommended both the franchising and the meals deal, if you don’t want to spend tons of money or eat sandwiches all the time).

The photo above shows the view from our room. We were located in Old Street, London City, pretty close to the most useful Tube stations. We stayed in London 6 days, but the first and the last ones were spent only for travelling so we ended up having 4 full days for visiting the city.

The first day, we managed to visit the Tower of London. Finally I’ve been able to see all the exhibitions inside, since the last time I went there it was around 3PM and I only saw the Crown Jewels before they closed the Tower at 4.30PM.

We had a great time there and my mom even had the chance to see one of the crows stealing a sandwich to a woman and eating it on a bench. Ha!

In the afternoon, we took a walk in the surrounding area.

The second day, Saturday 24th October, we decided to spend the morning visiting Westminster Abbey and admiring the Houses of Parliament. They are so beautiful!

We arrived at Buckingham Palace just in time for Changing the Guard, unfortunately there were so many people that we didn’t see a thing!

Then we had lunch eating the best hot dog ever in St James’s Park and I filled my eyes with the most amazing Autumn colours!

I’ve been also stalked by local ducks, that looked very interested by my lunch. I didn’t feed them with a hot dog, don’t worry, but they were a bit creepy. 😀

Finally we went to Baker Street, because I HAD TO see Sherlock’s house with my own eyes! We didn’t visited the museum, but the Victorian shop was likewise amazing. I purchased a magnifying glass for my dad and a little plate for myself.

Thanks so much for arriving at the end of my post, it ended up being longer than I thought! I’m going to share my other two days in London next week. Hope you enjoyed my not-so-good photos (they were snapped both with my compact camera and my iPhone 4).

In case you missed it:

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