How I Planned my Trip to London with Trello

If you follow me on Instagram you’d probably noticed that I’ve been in London last week. I spent the happiest 6 days there and I ended my vacation with a special treat, celebrating my 25th birthday at Platform 9 3/4! You can read the whole story here.

I’m going to share my photos very soon, but first of all I wanted to share how I planned my trip with Trello, because I found it extremely useful and easy to use even if I was abroad and I just had my old iPhone 4 with me!

First of all, if you’re not familiar with Trello, it’s basically a collaboration tool to organize projects, like Basecamp or Asana based on a drag and drop feature instead of check lists.

To start planning my vacation, I created a new Board and I called it London Vacation, I chose to personalize the background with a cool shade of red, to keep the british mood. 🙂 Then I created four Lists: To Do, Done, Info and Eat/Drink/Visit/Buy.

To Do was the list of the things I had to get done before leaving, so I created a new Card for each task and then I moved it to Done once completed, without archiving it, because I wanted to be able to easily access those info later during my travel, if needed. I created cards for my flights information, since the only time I took a plane was like six years ago and I didn’t remember all the rules and restrictions, plus I was travelling with two different companies this time, Ryanair and British Airways, so there were different conditions to keep in mind.

Trello allows you to insert check lists inside your cards, so I created a couple of them inside My Luggage to list all the things I had to pack.

Info is where I collected all the vital information I had to keep always with me, like the address of my Hotel (it was a Premiere Inn one, highly recommended), all the trains I had to take to reach it from the airport and vice versa, the location of Tourist Information Centres and so on.

Finally, I stored all the things I wanted to do once in London in the list named Eat/Drink/Visit/Buy. I gathered a couple of advice from my friends Evie and Maria, places to have a nice Tea Time and I also created a card with all the locations, opening hours and ticket costs of the museums and shops I wanted to visit.

I should confess that I copied the most important info in my Moleskine (I used the City Notebook one with a map of London and the Tube), because you never know, but I’m happy to say that Trello worked perfectly!

Now I just have to archive my London Vacation board and finish editing the photos. 🙂

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