Twenty Five

When this post will be published, I’ll probably be at the airport on my way home after a beautiful and refreshing London vacation with my mom. I said ‘probably’, because life is unpredictable and many things went wrong this year.

But today I’m 25. I was born at 3:12PM during a sunny Saturday a quarter of a century ago and my name had to be Camilla, but my dad hated it so I ended up being called Alice Camilla Vittoria. Yep, three names (!), fortunately my legal signatures involve just Name-Surname. Phew!

The last year has been intense and 25 is a big number, so a blog post was obligatory.

Here are 25 totally random things about me and my life during the last 12 months.

  1. I graduated and now I’m an archaeologist and a doctor, because you don’t need a PhD to be called ‘doctor’ in Italy. We’re lazy here.
  2. I quitted coffee. I still drink my dose of cappuccino sometimes at the bar, but I stopped drinking coffee all day every day since March. It wasn’t a choice, my body just started refusing coffee after an epic cold+flu. I don’t miss my sugarfree espresso anymore, but I drink gallons of tea now.
  3. I feel myself too old for living with my parents and having no jobs, but I feel myself scared by adulthood at the same time.
  4. I started role-playing for real in LOTRO (The Lord of the Rings Online) and it helps me to clean my mind. When I’m sad or frustrated by everyday life drama, playing LOTRO is my cure.
  5. I’d like to transfer my blog on Squarespace. I know that WordPress is the cool guy because it’s open source and lots of other stuff, but SS is my jam. Unfortunately I can’t afford it right now.
  6. Since I lost my dog because of cancer, I’m constantly worried about my cat’s health.
  7. I realized that I run too many blogs and side projects, I tried to get rid of them, but I ended up missing them. So I thought the best thing to do was summarize them all in a website, that’s what is all about.
  8. I deleted the Facebook bookmark on my browser and I replaced it with the bookmarks of my favorite groups I joined, so I never scroll the homepage.
  9. I own 3 Legolas action figures and I call them Legolas-s-s. Not sure if I want to start an actual collection, but I love them.
  10. I received my first Funko POP! Vinyl. It’s been a memorable year.
  11. I worked at my first University excavation this Summer and I survived living with other five people in a tiny apartment (with only ONE bathroom) for two weeks. Give me five, fellow introverts!
  12. I watched the last Hobbit movie three times at the theater and I secretly cried during Billy Boyd’s song because it was all over. Now I’m counting the days for the Extended Edition.
  13. I wrote 3 emails to 3 people I admire to tell them how awesome they are to me and I received the most amazing replies.
  14. I started a newsletter, then I discovered you have to put an actual address there (if not you might pay tons of money, like 16.000$), I also found out that a PO box costs 100 Euros per year here in Italy, so it isn’t an option for me. That newsletter was my baby, but I cannot put my home address there, I mean, I do care about my privacy!
  15. I stopped wearing makeup because I was frustrated by all the additional weigh gained again thanks to my hormonal cures, then I realized that I needed a concealer because I looked like a zombie. So I’m making peace with makeup, little by little.
  16. I tried all the planners this past months. I’m currently using the Academic Planner by A Beautiful Mess for personal stuff and Asana for online tasks and projects.
  17. I also discovered my addition for planner setup videos on YouTube. I’m subscribed to tons of channels and I like to spend my evenings watching them when I don’t have new episodes of my favorite TV series to watch.
  18. I visited three times the Egyptian Museum since its new opening, but it isn’t enough, I’ll visit it again soon.
  19. I realized that I’m not excited for the upcoming Star Wars movie and that I’m afraid of not liking at all Fantastic Beasts.
  20. Pottermore has been my biggest disappointment during the last few months. The new site is just a blog, the articles are writte by nameless staff members and they put there tons of movie stills, getting rid of those amazing artworks and animations of the old site.
  21. I wanted to buy other shoes this Fall, but I ended up purchasing black boots just like the old ones. I’m a creature of habit.
  22. I’ve read a lot this year and I also listed all the books. I also decided to stop worring about my TBR pile, I don’t want to read a book because I have to, I want to read it only if I want to.
  23. 25 years old and I still hate cooking/baking.
  24. I’m so grateful for all the online people I met along the year, they made my life happier.
  25. I’m still single, but I learnt to embrace the fact that it’s okay. The perfect match doesn’t always exist and I must love myself.

So, yeah, that’s me at 25.

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