How to Organize Your TV Series with Wunderlist

Fall is my favorite time of the year for many reasons, one of them is that almost all the TV series I watch have a new season starting around September and October. I love keeping things organized, so I used to use an app called TVShow Time. It was a very good one and I enjoyed being able to have my own library of TV series, an updated calendar and being able to see what my friends were watching, think a Goodreads app for TV shows. Unfortunately they ended up merging the iPad app with the iPhone one and I couldn’t keep it on my (very very old) iPhone anymore, since it now has the unbelievable size of 103MB.

I started jotting down the episodes I watched on my bullet journal, but I kept forgetting about it, loosing the count of the episodes. I needed something quick and easy to use on my phone and Wunderlist was the answer.

Few weeks ago they updated the app introducing emojis and I decided to give it a try creating a stack of lists for my TV series. Basically, when you create or rename a list now, you can just type your emoji first, add a space, and then continue typing your list title and it will look cooler than ever!

Here is how my lists look like. To keep track of my TV series, I just write all the numbers of the episodes first and I then I only have to cross them off once I watched them, easy peasy. Nothing fancy, but it helps me a lot, plus I don’t have to install additional apps on my iPhone!

I prefer using Asana for blog-related tasks, but Wunderlist is a great app too. Somehow I only used it for grocery store lists, but I want to start using it more. The best part is that it has an app for every device, even for Windows (both 7 and 10). You can see them all here.

Do you use Wunderlist? How do you track your TV series episodes?

In case you missed it:

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