My Autumn Goals

Autumn is definitely here and I’m in a complete Back-to-School mode, I’m so excited to come back to my University classes (and I bet I’ll regret it in a few months, ha!) after a couple of years spent just studying, having exams and writing my bachelor thesis.

Here is what I’d like to accomplish before the Holiday season (which starts in December for me, since we don’t have Thanksgiving here in Italy).

1. Set up a solid editorial calendar
I decided to slow down for the whole month of August with my blog, because I felt a bit burned out and the unusual heat really affected me this year, vitamin supplements were my best friends during the past few months. But I want to be more productive with the cold weather, writing value contents on my blog.

2. Quality over quantity
As I wrote above, I really want to write quality contents, so I decided to step back to just two posts per week, instead of three, and publishing my Happy Monday column in a different format.

3. Stay organized
I started 2015 with a daily planner by Moleskine, I loved the design and mine was a limited edition dedicated to Minnie, but the daily view wasn’t for me at all, I prefer to see my week at a glance to actually see what are my tasks. So I started downloading printables, inserts and also trying to go digital, because I didn’t want to purchase another planner and wasting my Moleskine, but it didn’t work at all. I hope that the colorful academic agenda by A Beautiful Mess I received last month will help me staying on track of my tasks and appointments.

4. Maintain a social media strategy
As much as I love social media, I don’t like to be extremely personal there (aside from Instagram), so I like to schedule my tweets in advance and set up 5/10 mins a day to share stuff on Pinterest. I’ve been pretty good about that during the last few months, but I’ve been a bit lazy lately.

5. Meditate
Starting University again means also a good amount of stress, so I want to be sure to not lose my mind like I’m used to and start meditating again, because it helped me a lot in the past.

Here they are, my five pretty goals for Fall! I didn’t include the fun stuff like marathoning Harry Potter, Hocus Pocus and The Hobbit or eating as many pumpkin meals as I can, but, you know, there is always Instagram for that 🙂

Do you have any Autumn goals? I’d love to hear from you, feel free to leave a comment below!

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