What I Learned After One Year of (Intentional) Blogging

Last week, during the #DaringCreative ( a Twitter chat by Kyla Roma), I was asked to talk about the early process of growth of my blog and I thought it would be a great topic to share, since The Geeky Burrow has just celebrated one year of life in August.

My blogging story starts in 2007 with Windows Live Space and Blogspot, where I run a couple of personal blogs in my mother tongue (italian) that were just boring online diaries. In 2011, I guess, I discovered A Beautiful Mess and I realized there was another way to blog, not just personal essays about my student life. So, after several failures, I took the Blog Life course last Spring (in 2014) and I started diving in plans until The Geeky Burrow was born. Since then, I learned a couple of things and I’d like to share them with you, wether you’re a new blogger or a veteran one. There is always something to learn, isn’t it? 😉

Join a Community.
It was’t easy at the beginning, because all my blog friends from the past moved on, I was blogging in a foreign language, and I basically knew no one but A Beautiful Mess people (which couldn’t be interested in my blog, obviously). Fortunately, I already followed Kristin of SuperSpaceChick on Twitter and that helped me to discover the Google+ community called Female Geek Bloggers, where I was able to meet tons of geek girls and share my own blog posts.

Quick tip: find a community (or a Facebook group) full of people with your same interests. It will be much easier to socialize and find your next favorite blog. 🙂

Do not plan too much. Just start.
Following a couple of advice from the Blog Life course, I started setting up my blog categories before even having a written post. I love planning things, it makes me feel secure and comfortable, but sometimes you just have to start. After joining the Female Geek Bloggers and their 5 Fandom Friday link up, my blog topics started changing, a lot. All my initial plans went wrong and I started blogging about all the topics, all the time, at random hours, because I felt that was the right way to be a geek blogger.

I’m not a photographer, a food blogger, a fashion blogger, I can’t write about business, so what am I? A geek girl and I can blog about Harry Potter whenever I want.


The editorial calendar is your best friend, like for real.
I ended up running out of topics in a few weeks, because of my absent schedule and my cluttered categories, and I started thinking about quitting my blog, feeling myself not geeky enough to blog about those things. At the same time, I started reading tons of blogs written by online entrepreneurs and I learned the importance of editorial calendars.

Quick tip: start planning how many times you want to blog per week, then write all your blog ideas in a notebook. Fill out your editorial calendar placing your blog series first, if you have one or more, and then fill the blanks with the other posts.

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Do not be afraid of changing.
I started with personal stuff, I became a geek blogger, then I switched to lifestyle and now what? I learned it’s okay having “identity crisis” during your blogging growth and sometimes it’s hard to outline the content of your blog and explain it when you meet new people online, but remember that it doesn’t have to stop you! All my favorite bloggers started in a complete different way, blogging about other things and having other dreams in mind.

You don’t have to know it all.
Finally, don’t be afraid to share some advice or things you discovered. You don’t have to be an expert or an infopreneur to share your knowledge on the internet. Found a new app that helps you to organize your week or your TV series or anything else? Share it with your readers! Just like you’d do with your coworker or your friend next to you.

Phew! That’s a wrap. I still have tons of stuff to learn and test, but one thing I already know is that I love being a blogger!

Do you have any tips or advice for fellow bloggers? Would you like to share your blogging story? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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