The Best Instagram Advice I Ever Received

If you followed me for awhile, you’d probably already know that Instagram is my favorite social media. It used to be Twitter few years ago, when text tweets with no links or images were still a thing, but Instagram took its place after receiving my first smartphone two years ago.

I love seeing beautiful portrait and landscape photos, but my favorite ones are all about everyday stuff (and planners :D) and, even if I know that themed accounts are more popular there, I always shared random photos of my life, with the only precaution to not share three photos of the same thing in a row (I shared three drinks pictures in a row this Summer, then I decided to stop!). I don’t care about followers, because I don’t use Instagram to promote services or my business, I don’t like sharing my blog posts graphics or something like that and I’m still on the fence about changing my handle (@alicegreenleaf) to match my other social media (@thegeekyburrow). (Thoughts?)

Despite everything, I was sorry because I was noticing a lack of engagement in my photos. I received 10/20 likes, but no comments at all; things got better after starting to use a couple of hashtags I love (#holdersnotfolders, #theeverydayproject and #thatsdarling), but it wasn’t enough for me.

Then, one day, I noticed that @instawithalex followed me, I checked out her profile and I immediately started following her back, since she shared extremely helpful contents. One day, she offered a free review of our accounts if we left a comment under her post. I did it and she gave me the best advice ever.

Bam! Easy, right? I scrolled through all my photos, since the beginning, and I noticed that my captions were just a couple of emoji sometimes, few words, a quote…nothing would tell you what I was doing, thinking, feeling or why I shared those photos. I was using my favorite social media in the wrong way. So I started improving my captions, using Instagram as a micro-blogging platform, not just a way to share my pretty photos to the world. And it worked.

After just five weeks my followers’ engagement is grown so much and now I receive way more likes than before, and comments! Comments are what actually make me happy.

Are you rocking Instagram? Do you have a special advice to give us? Feel free to leave a comment below!

P.s. You can follow me at @alicegreenleaf on Instagram! 🙂

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