5 Favorite Things About Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season and I love that the internet is full of other enthusiast people, because everybody hates Autumn and Winter here and it’s horrible being surrounded by people in a bad mood when the sky is grey and it’s raining.

Here are my favorite things about this beautiful season!

1. Pumpkins | they are just so good other than beautiful to show up in your house! I call them happy vegetables, because their color is bright and fun and they taste like heaven.

2. Leaves | I’ve always been so obsessed with leaves, that I named my fist blog Autumn Leaves, no joke. I even got a good Ps brush with some leaves that I put everywhere in my graphics!

3. Halloween | this isn’t a tradition here in Italy, but my English teacher made us loving this holiday in elementary school with all her stories about the way they celebrate in UK, helping us to carve pumpkins and craft costumes. She was the best.

4. My Birthday | I was born at the end of October and I’m so happy that my birthday and my favorite season match! This year I’ll be 25, big number, and I’m planning an amazing way to celebrate it, but I won’t reveal more for now.

5. Harry Potter | okay, okay I’m cheating. Or maybe not. I love Harry Potter 365 days a year, but Autumn is when I actually start feeling the need to reread it, because the cloudy sky, the rain, Halloween…you know, the magic!

5 Fandom Friday is a weekly nerdy link up created by TheNerdyGirlie and SuperSpaceChick.

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