My Reading List Journal (aka Paper Goodreads)

At the beginning of the year, in January, I shared my reading goals for 2015 and I pointed out my plan to not set the number of books I wanted to read during the year, like Goodreads constantly suggested me with their eye-catchy challenge widget. It worked really well and I unexpectedly read several books (which could sound very few to some of you, but they are a ton to me).

Few months after my reading statement, I realized that I enjoyed Goodreads just to see my friends’ reviews and recommendations (and having fun scanning the bar code of my books!), but I didn’t actually use the app to track the pages I was reading, leaving comments or checking out the statuses of my friends.

At the same time, I still wanted to track my readings in 2015, because I’m a memory keeper (and a bit OCD), so I decided to write a journal, inspired by a bunch of bookstagrammers I follow. I set up my Alice in Wonderland edition Moleskine in a very simple way using a couple of stamps bought during a sale in a local shop (that I don’t even remember) and I found my “workflow”.

At the beginning of each month, I stamp the name of the month + year, then, after finishing a book, I write the title + author on my journal without adding any dates, pages per day or how much time it took me to finish it and so on. I keep it very simple. I might start adding also some quotes from my readings in the future, but I’m not sure about it yet. In addition to my books, I like to keep track also of the movies I watched, so I write them on my planner and then I list them in my Moleskine at the end of each month (just after the books).

Nothing fancy, but I like to have a paper Goodreads to refer back and see my reading progress through the year. It’s also freeing not having to think about the social aspect of the thing, no more “I didn’t read in a week, what would my Goodreads friends think about me??” thoughts, no pressure. At these days, Goodreads is just a place to hang out with my fellow NovelTea Book Club members to me.

Do you like/use Goodreads? Did you ever feel the pressure of the social aspect of the site?

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