7 Things I’m Looking Forward To

August is almost over and I’m totally ready and excited for September. Not because of the back to school thing, but because of the approaching autumn weather. Shorter daylight, rainy days, misty mornings, cups of tea…you know, all the cozy stuff.

To list all my favorite things about the upcoming season, I’m participating to the 30 Days of Lists Blog Hop today, sharing what I’m looking forward to.

1. Fall, my favorite season. I’m always excited to end Summer and immerse myself in cozy rainy days and delicious cups of tea.

2. Pumpkins, who doesn’t love them? My mom cooks the best meals with pumpkins!

3. Cups of tea. I recently stopped drinking coffee, I don’t know why, so I fill my breaks with cups of tea. We had the hottest Summer ever this year and I had to stop drinking hot beverages, so I’m happy to return to my cold weather habits.

4. Rainy days. My favorite weather, I should live in London. I don’t like the sun. I’m probably a vampire.

5. Halloween, my favorite holiday after Christmas! Can’t wait to watch Hocus Pocus, it’s a family tradition.

6. Boots, my black ones are my fave to wear!

7. Clouds. Again, no sunny days please! Clouds are beautiful to capture with my camera.

What are you looking forward to?

30 Days of Lists is an awesome month-long listing challenge. For 30 days you’ll receive a daily prompt to make a list, only 5-10 minutes per day for yourself to document your life in a quick and straight to the point way. Plus you’ll be able to share your lists and meet new friends in the private blog of the challenge and the Facebook group for the listers.

The challenge begins September 1 and you can register here (there is also an amazing Filofax giveaway to enter!).

This post contains affiliate links.

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