A Little Check-In On My Life Lately

Hello friends! How are you? Hope your Summer is going well.

You know, there is always a moment of the year when I realize I’m tired of the hot Summer days and I’m totally ready to wear sweaters, socks, and hats, to drink tea multiple times a day and to carry an umbrella in my bag all the time. Well, that moment arrived last week, totally unexpected, while I was squatted in an uncomfortable pose cleaning up a couple of bones (picture above). I just can’t wait for Fall, back to school, my Birthday, Halloween and so on!

For those of you who might have missed something, I’ve been away for two weeks at an archaeological excavation of my University, the place was a medieval church with tons of burials, that’s why the bones. I’d like to share all my photos and info with you guys, but unfortunately I can’t, anything cannot be published while the campaign is still going. I’m sorry. I worked for free, but it was so good finally doing something concerning what I studied for years and not just staring at b&w pictures of random piles of stones. The best part was when my coworker and I discovered an entire skeleton in its burial (it’s not creepy, I promise). No hidden treasures though, but I was super excited to find a bent rusted nail! *pats myself on the head*

Anyways, while I was there, I just had my old iPhone and the internet connection wasn’t very good, so I basically spent two weeks away from the internet. My plan was to fully rest and read tons of books, but it didn’t went that way. My arch enemy, FOMO (a.k.a. Fear Of Missing Out), was always with me and I ended up consuming my phone battery trying to catch up with everything. I’m totally disappointed by myself. This led me to neglect my blog when I came back home, because I still had tons of stuff to catch up with and I was tired because of all the physical work (trowel, shovel, pick, ax) during the last two weeks.

You’ll probably find less posts here during August, because I really want to recharge myself before starting University classes in September. Susannah Conway just launched a new August Break this year, I won’t join the photo challenge (because I’m too lazy even for that!), but I’ll probably take some me time away from the blog.

So, be sure to follow me on Twitter as @thegeekyburrow to stay up to date with me and feel free to tweet me, I love to interact!

How are you doing? Did I miss anything funny/important/nice during these weeks? Feel free to leave a link to your favourite blog post/instagram/tweet in the comments below, I’d love to catch up šŸ™‚

xo. Alice

P.s. You can now find me on Snapchat as @alicegreenleaf! Still figuring out how to use it.

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