Review | Spark Ecourse

If you read my blog and receive my newsletter, you already know that I’ve been a bit stuck with my blog lately. I didn’t know who I wanted to be, what I wanted to write, I wanted to look professional but I was missing the geek stuff at the same time. This pushed me away from my blog, I didn’t want to open it, I felt uninspired to write and share contents.

That’s why I decided to take the Spark Ecourse. This is a very simple course divided in 30 daily emails that will guide you through the process of reconnecting with your blog and find your passion again. Kam, the author of the course, is one of my favourite bloggers and I was sure that I wouldn’t be disappointed, and so it was.

One of my favourite things about Spark is that, even if it has a self-paced structure and you can take all the time you need, you receive the lessons straight to your inbox every day for a whole month. And I can tell you, it’s something to look forward! Each lesson contains your task for the day, like jotting down the structure of your blog to find out your main categories or just cleaning your desk, plus a nice list of super-useful resources from all around the web.

Kam speaks to you in first person, because she actually experienced her own blogging burnout a while back and she’s here to encourage you. It helped me. A lot. It was like having my personal coach always ready to cheer me up and make me get the work done. If you’re here, reading this blog, is also thanks to the Spark Ecourse, that helped me to get through the blog burnout in a positive and super easy way!

You can read more about the ecourse here and, if you decide to purchase it, remember that The Geeky Burrow readers can have 10% off using the code REKINDLE10, yay!

xo. Alice

P.s. I’d like to say that, even if the links in this posts are affiliate, the opinions are my own. I truly believe that Spark is a great ecourse and it really helped me, that’s why I’m here sharing it with you.

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