Summer Goals

I used to set several stupid goals during the last few years, like ‘Next Monday I’ll start studying for real without procrastinating’ or ‘ Next month I’ll try to eat less treats’ and so on. The past months of 2015 has been quite crazy for me and I’ve finally established a routine, even if I don’t study anymore, but I need more balance in my life, so I decided to set up some goals for this Summer.

1. Finish Photoshop for Bloggers. Last December I’ve been one of the super lucky winners of a Christmas giveaway by A Beautiful Mess and I won their Photoshop ecourse. I was speechless, since it was my very first time winning a giveaway and the prize was amazing! I started doing a lesson each day, but then my graduation stole me so much time. Now I want to finish this course before Fall and going back to University.

2. Enjoy Fruitful Summer. I subscribed myself to Lara Casey’s free summer email series and I really want to learn something positive from it. I’m excited!

3. Be myself. I just want to stop comparing myself to others and try to be someone else, I want to run this blog as myself.

4. Let go side projects. I don’t care anymore. I always have tons and tons of ideas, I love creating websites curating the graphic and the about pages, but then I end up not using them and wasting my time there. I really want to clean out my internet life (and slow down) this Summer.

5. Stop taking random classes and webinars. I have a thing for free stuff. When I see a free worksheet, webinar or class I just have to jump in, because, you know, it’s free and I could always learn something new! Well, I ended up being so busy because of this stupid addiction lately that now I’m completely exhausted and I need a vacation.

Did you set any goals for your Summer? Feel free to leave a comment below, I’d love to read them!

Photo credit: Death to the Stock.

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