Spring Cleaning + Slowing Down

Happy Monday, everyone! Today I’m not going to share with you my link party, I’m sorry, but I’m trying to change things up here and Happy Monday will probably become a biweekly feature.

Yesterday I decided it was time for a Spring cleaning of my online home and I also decided to stop worrying about publishing three posts each week, so I deleted my almost unknown Google+ and Facebook pages (not profiles) and I’m about to rearrange the categories here on the blog. Whoa, are you serious?! Well, it took me four months to understand that I can’t waste my energies trying to deliver people to abandoned and automatized-feed-pages when what I really want is spending some time on my blog.

I’ve read TONS of marketing worksheets, ebooks and articles during the last few months, basically I attended all the free webinars out there and the result is that I learnt a TON, but I also found out what’s better for me. Aside from those affiliate links I share sometimes (which are all quality stuff I previously tested and I continue to enjoy), I don’t want to make money with my blog right now. I don’t want to switch to WordPress, learning even more CSS and html stuff, looking for the perfect theme for ages (I know myself very well), plus I can’t spend money in addition to a domain, Bluehost is just 3$ per month, it’s easy and bla bla bla. But I need to slow down. Trying to stick with three posts per week, managing all the social media, constantly scheduling tweets on Buffer…well, it totally drained me. Reading about people quitting their day job, living as full-time bloggers, living your dream life is just too tempting sometimes, but you need to come back to reality and analyze your own life at the moment, your own potential, and, mostly important, what you really want from your blog.

That’s why I decided to stop following the rules of ‘the perfect entrepreneur’ and just going with my instinct. I can’t publish three blog posts each week? That’s okay. I want to share my first digital scrapbook layout instead of the review of The Avengers? That’s okay, too. One of my favourite quotes is: Be happy, be bright, be you. And as Caroline would say, I want to be the brightest version of myself. Quality over quantity.

So, what should you expect from The Geeky Burrow during the next few months? Pretty much always the same mix of tips + advice, memory keeping and geeky stuff, plus the 5 Fandom Friday posts. My favourite social media is still Instagram, but you can reach me also on Twitter and I’ll keep hoarding stuff on Pinterest. My profiles on Google+ and Facebook will continue to be used just for the groups I joined, nothing else. Finally, I’ll keep writing my monthly emails to my lovely friends who subscribed to my mailing list sharing some behind the scenes and inspiration along the way (if you want to read what I shared so far, you can find the newsletter archive here).

And if you arrived here without closing the page because of my wordy post, thank you. You’re awesome. xo. Alice

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