My Sunday in Milan

I am really happy when I can grow relationships along the years and I’m even more happy when they’re relationships started on the internet. During my first years as a blogger, back in 2009/10, I’ve met a bunch of lovely girls from Italy (I was blogging in italian at that time), and I found my soul-lady among them. She’s from Milan, not too distant from Turin, so we manage to meet each other sometimes along the year. This time, it was my shift to go to her city, so I jumped on a train last Sunday.

The weather was very cloudy and it even rained, but who cares when you’re in good company. I already visited Milan multiple times, but there was always an infinite queue to visit the Cathedral and the last time I was there was in 1997, more or less. Fortunately we managed it this time.

Unfortunately the photos I took inside suck, because they were snapped with my old iPhone and it was very dark.

Do you have some internet friends you meet sometimes along the year? xo. Alice

My friends Kristin and Megan have just launched the 2015 edition of the amazing MyDetails class (it starts this Monday, May 4)! I attended the self-paced edition last year and I loved it so much, so I couldn’t refuse when they invited me to join them again. You can read more about it here, by clicking the MyDetails image (affiliate link).

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