Around Here

Reading: The Hobbit for the Hobbit Read-along on Tumblr. I’m a part of Team Baggins and I’m having so much fun. We read the first two chapters so far and I noticed a line saying that Thorin wore “yellow stockings”. Haha, can you imagine Richard Armitage being majestic with yellow stockings?

Watching: sooo many TV seriers…Arrow, Once Upon A Time, The Flash, Poldark, Outlander and I still have to watch the last episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Making: a bunch of photo challenges on Instagram like #AprilLove2015, #ListersGottaList, #BetterLetteringCourse and #TolkienCollection. I’m expecting tons of people unfollowing me, because my profile is a mess of lists, hand-lettering and Tolkien stuff at the moment. I’ll be back to normal in May, promise.

Planning: basically my life. My dad broke his meniscus and I’m the only one in my family who can drive a car at the moment, so I’m splitting tasks with my mom. Fortunately I’m still in my post-graduation vacation and I can help my parents.

Feeling: tired, worried, but also grateful. My life is not that bad.

Loving: the communities I joined just after Christmas, above all the One Little Word® message board, Daring Creative and Female Geek Bloggers. I’m also loving the amazing response to my post Reasons Why I Join #NoSpendApril, your support has been amazing, thank you!

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