Reasons Why I Join #NoSpendApril

Few days ago, I read Kristin’s post Budgeting For No Spend April and I realized it was time to join the cool kids in #NoSpendApril (you can read the original post here).

I have a problem: I like (or better, I LOVE) to purchase digital products. I still live with my parents and I don’t have a job (sounds depressing, I know), so my budget is basically a big zero. But, you know, you graduate, your aunt think it’s a big thing and gave you some money, you think it’s time to reward yourself after all those months of hard work, the rest is history.

Before Christmas I’ve been so damn lucky to win Photoshop for Bloggers, an ecourse by the lovely ladies of A Beautiful Mess. So. Much. Luck. It’s basically the only giveaway I ever won. I didn’t have enough money for Photoshop, so I got an old CS3 version. Long story short, I’ve become obsessed with the digital brushes, Studio Calico and Ali Edwards and there are the Spring sales now…! I just need to stop purchasing stuff, digital stuff that I cannot even touch!

So, that’s it. My big confession is here and I need to just calm down, haha.

Do you have any budgeting issues right now? (Say yes, please! Do not let me feel the only one with a problem here :D)

xo. Alice

Photo credit: Death to the Stock.

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