My Fictional BFFs

Here is my list.

Bilbo Baggins. I know that it could sound weird, but I can totally recognize my own self on young Bilbo’s personality, a young guy with the heart of an old aunt. That’s it.

Belle. I’m totally in love with Emilie de Ravin’s portrayal of Belle from The Beauty and the Beast, she’s one of my favourite characters of the TV series.

Felicity Smoak. I’m not such a nerd, but she’s lovely and I think we could be friends.

Emily Fields. She’s my favourite ‘little liar’ and I’d probably love being her friend.

Hermione Granger? I’m not sure if we would be friends, I never been so good at school, but I know she would probably be my role model.

Who would you choose as your fictional BFF?

5 Fandom Friday is a weekly nerdy link up created by TheNerdyGirlie and SuperSpaceChick.

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