Favorite Snacks/Drinks To Consume While Blogging

This is a tough one, because I don’t eat industrial snacks or soda. So my list is very very boring today!

Tea. I’ve recently discovered a Christmas Tea (yes, it’s its name!) and I’m totally in love. This is my go to beverage for the afternoon, it has so many ingredients that I cannot list them all, but it’s basically black tea leaves, rose petals, almonds, cloves and something more I cannot remember.

Coffee. I’m italian and I cannot drink coffee abroad, where the espresso is not a real espresso, haha (see image above). Anyway, even if I love sweet treats, the coffee have to be very very espresso and sugar free for me.

Crackers and bread. After my lunch, I try to stick with just those two as snacks, eating them multiple time during the afternoon and it works very well to me.

What are your favorite snacks/drinks?

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