Weekly Rituals | 30 Days of Lists Blog Hop

I’m a creature of habit. I like, or better, I love organizing things (you should see my stationery drawer, hehe) and having scheduled moments during the week for myself. That’s why I decided to jot down a list of my weekly rituals, one of my favourite prompts from the March 2011 challenge of 30 Days of Lists.


Blogging + Buffer. My idea was to write all my blog posts for the week on Sunday and just fill out Buffer on Monday, unfortunately I always end up to do both on Monday during my lunch break (I try to stay timezone friendly publishing my posts in good hours both for Europe and US).


Watching Bones with mom. They’re marathoning the old series (3 episodes each Wednesday) and it’s our weekly moment of relax together.


5 Fandom Friday + Buffer. 5FF is one of my favourite blog hop and I love it, even if I don’t actually publish it every Friday. I don’t usually write during the weekends (except for those Scrapbook Sundays when I share my Project Life spreads), so I usually set up Buffer to keep my Twitter alive.


Currently List + Project Life. I set up an alarm on my phone to remember myself to fill out my PL spreads every week and fill out rukristin’s Currently List.

Do you have any weekly rituals?

This is a blog hop, so be sure to visit the other lovely bloggers to read their lists for today!

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