My Reading Goals for 2015

Kristin’s last newsletter made me reflect about the approach with my reading habit for 2015.

Even if my Goodreads profile looks new, I opened my first one back in 2010 (the reason why I closed it is because I was in a social media purging phase), always avoiding that scary Goodreads Reading Challenge, where you have to set the number of books you want to read during the year. Numbers scare me, they make me feel like I’m doing a race or reading is a chore. I want to read because I like it, because it’s something that makes me feel better, because it lets me to escape from my everyday life. Seeing other people’s goals was even worse, because I always spotted 100, 80, 90 books goals, why I wasn’t able to read a book each month, because of University tasks.

This year I decided to join that challenge setting up 12 books to read during 2015, but I immediately regretted it, because I was a victim of numbers once again. So, my personal reading challenge this year will be to read (or at least trying to) all the books I still have to read for the first time and that are waiting for me on the shelf or in my kindle from ages. That’s it. No numbers, no races, no limits.

Currently reading:

Feel free to add me on Goodreads, I’ll try to be more active there and to write some reviews in the future!

Do you have any personal reading goals for 2015?

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