New Year, New Project

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

If you read my blog last week, you were probably expecting another post from my friend Lily about For the Love of Geek. Well, things may change in a week…

When a couple of friends of mine, including Lily, asked me to do something together like writing geeky stuff, I’ve immediately suggested to write guest posts here on my blog. It looked like a reasonable thing to do, since this is a geeky burrow after all. We made a Google Hangout, we made plans, started boards on Trello and I added their biographies in the About page.

I was so happy when Lily published her first post, because it became one of the popular ones in few hours here on the blog. But, as long as we talked about things to do and brainstormed ideas, I felt like a boss who said to her employees what they had to do, because Blogspot is different from WordPress, the graphic is DIY, the categories are so and so, etc. The leading role doesn’t fit with me at all. I felt myself always in an awkward position. Also, my friends had so many great ideas for future posts that I was sorry to limit them, because this is my personal blog.

Finally, we ended up opening another blog where everyone will be able to write whatever she wants (receiving the proper credits and not being considered a guest). I’m happy to present you the…

Since we all have busy lives, job, university and so on, that blog will be just…a blog. No pressure, no editorial calendar, no fixed number of posts per week, I mean, this isn’t a magazine, it’s just another geeky blog run by the three of us.

I’ll keep writing here three times a week (hopefully), but you’ll also find me on the Travelling Geek Show! (You can also follow us on Facebook)

I’m so excited for this new adventure and I can’t wait to start writing there. xo. Alice

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