2014 in Review

It’s that moment of the year again, when you sit at your desk and start thinking about the passed year. Well, it has been a tough year for me, for several tedious reasons I won’t list here, and I know the first months of 2015 will be even more tougher. I’m scared. I’m afraid to not be able to make it, to fail once again on my purposes, to disappoint my parents and waste money. But I want – I need – to stay positive and focused, I try to repeat the mantra “I can do it” every single time I feel myself discouraged or overwhelmed.

So, after this painful foreword, I’d like to share some of my favourite posts of these few months blogging (here).

What 2015 will bring to me? I hope joy, first of all. That’s why I decided to reward myself with the subscription to Ali Edwards’ One Little Word (thanks Kam for the advice). This is the first time I choose a word to guide me through the year ahead and I wasn’t sure how finding it, so, after doing Susannah Conway’s free ecourse Unravelling the Year Ahead 2015, I subscribed myself to her free class Find Your Word for 2015. And I found it, my word. (I even created a Pinterest board for that!)
Concerning the blog, I think it’s still looking for its own shape, so you’ll probably see new columns while others will be abandoned. I’m not sure if I’ll post updates about One Little Word or not, but I’ll try to integrate a weekly recap (still looking for a proper name, any ideas?) with the help of Becky Higgins’ Project Life App.
Social media have been a big deal lately (burnout, anyone?). I love them, but I’m tired of them at the same time. All the good bloggers know that social media are vital for getting visits on their blogs. I am probably the worse blogger ever, because I know that, but I can’t help myself to neglect my Facebook and Google+ pages or forget to check out Twitter for hours. I’ll keep sharing my posts on my pages, but you’ll probably find me more on Instagram (and Twitter, hopefully), my Facebook and Google+ profiles are just there to let me interact in my favourite groups (hello, Female Geek Bloggers and NovelTea Book Club!).
Well, I hope you enjoyed this loooong post. Thank you for reading.
I can’t wait to share 2015 with you all here at the burrow! xo. Alice

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