How to Get Through Social Media Burnout

Every blogger knows that the best way to gain a readership is by sharing his/her own contents on social media. The more you manage, the more you have a chance to be followed. But sometimes things can be overwhelming and we end up to experience a burnout. It happened to me lately, I felt like my life was ruled by social media, I checked them out constantly and I always tried to not lose updates (FOMO anyone?), but it was kinda insane and I ended up hating all of them. So I started thinking of a way to get through this burnout, because networking is important, but, above all, is useful and I like it.

That’s why I thought it would be nice to share my advice, even if they aren’t official and guaranteed ways to manage the situation, they helped me and maybe they will help you too.

1) Make a list. The first thing to do is to jot down a list of all your social media. Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads… write them all and then check out if there is something you never used, you don’t like, you don’t need and then delete it. Yes, be brave. Delete it. You’ll feel suddenly better (or, at least, lightened).

2) Find a purpose. Asking yourself how you to use your social media is a good point to start. Would you like to share your everyday adventures? Personal photos and thoughts? Your blog posts feed? You don’t have to copy what you wrote on Twitter, for example, and paste it to Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, you can mix it up and share things that fit with every social network.

3) Use tools. There are several free tools around that can help you to schedule your posts (TweetDeck and Hootsuite, for example), manage more social networks at the same time and so on. Try to google something or just read this great article + cheat sheet about the best time to post on social media and tools to use!

4) Enjoy! If you like to write your blog posts, why shouldn’t you enjoy to talk about them too? Try to socialize when you share your next post, ask questions, tag people (without spamming them!), start discussions and enjoy the communities and groups provided by Google+ and Facebook. You could find like-minded people who will help you to enjoy your social media experience.

That said, here is how I decided to use my social media. This might help you also to choose if/where you want to follow me and my blog.

Instagram – this is my favorite social network, hands down. I use it to share my passion for books and all things Tolkien using the #bookstagram hashtag and I check it out several times a day. You can read more about my Instagram experience here.

Twitter – I started using it on a regular basis almost two years ago when I joined the Middle-earth News Team. I like to share my last articles and sometimes geeking out about Tolkien-related stuff. I’m planning to write more personal tweets though.

Pinterest & Goodreads – I’m not very social there, I use them for myself, to keep things ordered in boards/shelves.

Google+ & Facebook — these two might be pages for the blog (not personal profiles), simple feeds to easily follow my blog, just like Bloglovin’.

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