Upcoming Celebrations

In just few days I’ll celebrate my birthday. I mean, ‘celebrate’ is a big word for me, since I’d like to spend my own day doing what I always do (minus studying), eating junk food, watching my favourite movie, playing some LOTRO, and so on. But there are my (non-geek) friends, who believe in birthday parties, lot of people, loud music, tabletop games and presents.

Every year I try to say that I’d prefer to not celebrate my birthday with a big party, since I hate being the center of attention, cooking food for tons of people and playing Trivial Pursuit during my birthday. They always win, even if I try to limit the number of participants in order to not overcrowd my living room.

This year I have finally found a compromise, thanks to my friend’s Erasmus commitments: I’m going to host a Birthday/Halloween dinner on October 31 just for the few of us. Yay. Halloween is my favourite holiday, after Christmas, even if it basically doesn’t exist here in Italy.

We decided to not put so much effort in costumes, since we’ll be only 5 people and will stay at my house, so my idea is to do something cat-inspired. I’m looking for an easy cat ears template on Pinterest to apply on my black hairband and I’ll probably wear my fake-leather black skirt. Concerning decorations, I already have a cute paper pumpkins garland and I’m planning to purchase black and orange plastic dishes and glasses. No biggie. But I’m really happy to postpone my birthday and incorporate Halloween in it!

I hope they will let me watch Hocus Pocus that night…

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