I Heart Instagram

Instagram is my favourite social network, the one I always check out on regular basis, even if it’s a busy day. If I follow you, I’ll see all your photos, because I’m obsessed. I craved an Instagram profile for ages, but my first smartphone, a Blackberry, didn’t support the app. Fortunately last year I inherited the old iPhone 4 of a friend of mine (he got the 5s, he didn’t die) and the first app I downloaded, just after WhatsApp, has been Instagram. I could easily delete all my profiles elsewhere and just posting random photos there kinda today…and I might actually do it one day. 

Few days ago I read this lovely post at Kristin’s blog and I decided to post it too.

What’s your Instagram handle? @alicegreenleaf

How many people do you follow? 134

How many followers do you have? 119 
What are your favorite hashtags? Honestly I don’t like hashtags, I use them in the comments just to let people stumble upon my photos, but I don’t have a favourite.

What is your favorite genre of pictures? Everyday life snaps concerning cups of coffee or tea, books, dogs and cats, desks and planners are my favourites.

How often do you post? I have no rules. Sometimes I post even three times a day, sometimes only one, sometimes I wait 3/4 days before posting something. When I snap a good photo, I share it on Instagram.

How often do you check Instagram? Several times a day. It’s the app I check more frequently.

What’s your favorite filter? I don’t use filters, because I like to keep my photos cleaned. I edit lights and contrast with VSCO app and sometimes I add funny doodles or phrases with A Beautiful Mess App. I started using also Little Moments App recently, since last month I joined the Photo A Day challenge.

iPhone only, purist or rebel? iPhone only. My policy is to share only photos snapped with a smartphone on Instagram (so, iPhone ‘only’ is kinda restrictive). There are other social media, like Flickr, for the photos taken with a proper camera, in my opinion. Even if your smartphone/iPhone/iPod snaps crappy photo, I think you should post them on Instagram, because sharing instants is the meant of the app.

Three favorite IG accounts currently? @elsielarson (my favourite blogger and photographer, my hero), @thisisjules (she lives in Yorkshire and I love seeing her daily life snaps from there) and @benjaminhole (he’s a farmer from England, but also a skilled photographer. He provides me my daily dose of animal cuteness!). I should also mention my Middle-earth News pals, because I simply love seeing their photos, it makes me feel closer to them: @mariames86, @mylamalinalda, @tolkienbritta, @arwenkester, @racheltook, @lilymilos, @thezenphoenix and @middleearthmama

Let me know if you’re going to join this post! I’d love to read your answers 🙂

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