My 4 Plain Goals

I like to set personal goals during the year. A good way to start September for me was to set my top 4 goals for the upcoming season to bring some rules to my stay-at-home life.

1. Read at least a chapter every day. Starting University few years ago marks also the beginning of a full life, with less time to read and do the things I like. I read few books during the last months and I don’t like that. I used to read a book every week during high school and now I want read at least a chapter of the current book every day.

2. Avoid procrastination at my laptop. I’m a pro at procrastination and I really overdo lately, so I MUST stop doing it all the time I have to write my bachelor thesis, study, or write articles.

3. Plan my weeks in advance. Yesterday I finally downloaded some free templates from MyMoleskine and I gave my 2012/2013 planner a refresh (for several reasons I didn’t purchase a planner for this year), plus my 2015 planner is arrived straightway from Amazon and now I can’t wait to use it! Now I have no excuses to not plan my weeks in advance.

4. Walk every day. I’ve been sick all the week and I stopped walking everyday, but now I miss it and I can’t wait to feel better again and restart my happy routine.

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