Small Steps

I’m not a sporty person, actually I hate sports (I was a dancer and ballet can’t be called sport), and above all I hate to run. That’s why I don’t run in a public park like normal people. But I reached a moment of my life where physical movement could really help my body to get well. Medical cures, a sedentary life, spending my days on a chair in front of a laptop, living in the middle of nowhere… this is driving me crazy (and fat). I don’t want to look hot in my swim suit, I just want to feel good in my own body.

That’s why I started walking through my village every morning, only an half of an hour, not biggie, but at least I’m not sit on my sofa watching TV. The first two days were good, I even snapped some photos on my way (like the one above). I hope to maintain this promise with myself.

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