The Gift of Unplanning

With the start of a new year as well as a new decade, it may be tempting to spend the magical days between Christmas and New Year's Eve reviewing the previous 12 months or even 10 years. At least, this is something I thought I would end up doing and the thought of it put… Continue reading The Gift of Unplanning

Instagram Detox – 6 Months Later

I can’ believe it’s been 6 months since my 30-day Instagram detox. At the same time, many things have changed, as I was considering the other day. First of all, I don’t have the Instagram app on my phone anymore. It’s surprising how much battery life my phone has now and how much mental sanity… Continue reading Instagram Detox – 6 Months Later

My new laptop setup

A couple of days ago, I received a new laptop as a graduation gift from my parents and relatives since my old one is 8 years old and still runs Windows 7 (because it wouldn't survive an upgrade to Windows 10) and, since Microsoft has announced that its updates are going to be discontinued in… Continue reading My new laptop setup

A peek inside my Tolkien Commonplace Book

Some time ago, I received this beautiful pocket Moleskine Limited Edition with the map from The Hobbit and I treasured it for years because I couldn't find the "perfect" way to use it. I didn't want to use it for my day-to-day tasks and notes (bullet journaling) because I wanted to be able to have… Continue reading A peek inside my Tolkien Commonplace Book

Things I’m grateful for | September 2019

Weather Today is the first day in almost 4 months that the temperatures are below 20° and I was able to wear leggings! (Photo above as proof.) This Summer has been insane and I've spent it stuck at home because it was so hot outside that wasn't impossible to resist. Our territory isn't structured in… Continue reading Things I’m grateful for | September 2019

Closing a big chapter and Summer recap

This Summer has been a memorable one, not only because of the last Avengers movie (LOL) but also because a big chapter of my life has been closed (the fact that it happened along with Marvel is only a funny coincidence). June was spent mostly at home freaking out over my thesis presentation as well… Continue reading Closing a big chapter and Summer recap

Nature photos and a further reflection on blogging

Besides living in the country, it's hard to find "curated" nature here. This is mostly an issue of the region where I live (because I noticed that other part of the country are treated in a better way). Here, woods get neglected, nobody clear paths and there is plenty of trash and weeds that make… Continue reading Nature photos and a further reflection on blogging